What’s a Roof Restoration?

Your roof protects your home from the elements. Your home is protected and warm by your roof. It is important that your roof is properly maintained if you want it to protect against the elements.

Roof restoration is more than just replacing a roof. Roof restoration does more than just repair a small section of the roof. It looks at the entire roof and upgrades it. This is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly option to replace your roof.

What is involved in Roof Restoration?

A roof restoration begins with a thorough inspection of the roof and then a complete cleaning. Next, the real work begins: ridge capping as well as applying protective coatings to keep your roof safe and clean. This will give your roof an extra year of life.

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration can make your home safer and more attractive. These are just a few of the many benefits that roof restoration can bring to your home.

Avoid future damage and leaks

Poorly maintained roofs are more likely to be damaged by the elements and fallen debris, such as branches. If a roof is damaged, it can lead to leaks.

Energy efficiency can be improved in your home

Your roof will let a lot of air through if it isn’t properly sealed. To compensate for the heat loss, you will need to turn up the heat or air conditioner.

Increase the life expectancy of your roof

A roof restoration will increase the roof’s lifespan by many years. You won’t have to worry about leaks or damage for many years and your safety is assured.

Increase the value of your home

Your home’s safety and aesthetic appearance are directly affected by the condition of your roof. A well-maintained roof will increase the market value of your home.

How long will a roof restoration last?

There are many factors that can influence the life expectancy of your roof. It will last longer than a new roof but not as long as one that has been left to deteriorate. Many of our customers see roof restoration as a compromise between roof replacement costs and the inconvenience of paying for minor repairs.

How to tell if your roof needs repair

You can easily tell if your roof needs to be restored by looking at the tiles. Also, look out for signs of corrosion, such as sagging or mold.

How to Repair a Roof

Different roof materials and types require different methods. It is best to hire a professional roofing company for your roof restoration. We know how the weather affects roofs.

Roof Restoration

We first identify broken or cracked tiles and then replace them. To increase roof life, even tiles with the smallest, most hairline cracks will have their roofs replaced.

Re-bedding and repointing are two of the most common tasks for roof restorations using Terracotta tiles. This is not a necessary stage for all roofs, but if there are any loose tiles we will make sure to re-point and re-bed them so you have the roof you want.

How long does a roof restoration take?

Depending on how much work is required, the length of roof restorations will vary. It will take longer if there are many repairs and lots of tiles need to be replaced or re-bedded.

OzPix Roof Restoration Sydney is a great option to give your roof the care it needs. This is an affordable alternative to roofing replacements and regular roof repairs.



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