What New Drivers Should Avoid

Drivers are often involved in accidents or given tickets for doing things they don’t need to. This can be avoided. This article will help you avoid common mistakes, give you winter driving tips, and tell you about some laws that you need to know while driving in Virginia. Let’s make our roads safer for everyone.

Sometimes, you don’t realize how simple it is to do things that could get you in trouble or cause an accident. You and other drivers need to be aware of these common mistakes. Professional driving lessons Redcliffe teach you driving techniques that help reduce the chance of you getting into an accident.

Distractions such as a cell phone or mobile phone

Before you begin driving, turn off your mobile phone and put it away. Everyone is used to being able to check their phones at all times. However, your safety and the law are far more important than chatting with someone right away. You must also make sure you don’t distract others while driving.

To fast or too slow

Speed limits are posted because they reflect the speed limits that are considered safe for the road. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety speed limits can increase your risk of being in an accident. The roads are safer if everyone goes at the same speed. So make sure you stick to the limits set forth by your state.

Leaving your seatbelt unbuckled

You might think that not wearing a belt is a big deal. But it is. Many airbags can be fitted to cars. However, they are not designed to deploy in every situation where a seatbelt is needed. It is possible to stop too quickly and your passenger could be hurt. Many accidents happen when you travel close to home.

Winter Driving Tips

It’s possible to be surprised by how difficult winter driving can be for experienced drivers. Make sure you adapt your driving to the environment. Here are some useful tips for driving in winter.

Prepare your vehicle for the winter

These are important for any type of maintenance. But they are even more crucial in winter. Before you set out on winter roads, it is important to make sure that your antifreeze (thermostat, brakes, and tires), deicing fluid, lights, and oil are in good condition. You should also make sure your doors and locks are lubricated to prevent them from freezing shut in cold temperatures.

Always shovel the snow

While it may seem obvious to remove snow from your car, some people may not be doing this correctly. While it is obvious to clear the windows and mirrors, you also need to clear the roof, trunk, and hood of your car. Snow can build up on your view from the hood, and from the roof, it can also cause visibility problems. Make sure to clear away any snow from your vehicle to prevent such dangerous situations.

Be sure to leave a few minutes earlier

Winter driving can take longer than when there isn’t snow on the ground. You need to drive slower in winter to avoid any accidents on the snow or ice. Your trip will take much longer than you thought. It is a great strategy to get where you need to be safely and on time during winter.

Driving Laws: What You Need To Know

No one is allowed to use a phone for texting, and no driver under 18 can use it in hands-free mode. However, it is safer to just turn off your phone.

These conditions require that your headlights be used

Follow closely but not too closely

You can face a citation or a fine for following too closely behind a vehicle. This is because it can be dangerous to be too close behind another vehicle in the event of emergency and sudden stops. This does not apply to cars only! This includes following mopeds and bikes too closely.

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