Five Things to Consider Before Building Your Rooftop Deck

Material and design for roof deck construction

Roof decks are very popular for homes with flat roofs. Roof decks are common in urban areas. They offer a bird’s-eye view of your surroundings and save valuable space.

Rooftop decks can be very welcoming to guests and are a popular place for entertaining. Some homeowners find their roof decks are the ideal spot to plant container or raised-bed gardens. This allows them to improve the greenery of their property and maybe even grow vegetables without having to tear up their lawns.

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No matter the reason you are considering a roof deck for your house, it is not something to take lightly. Rooftop decks are more difficult to build due to the many elements and variations in construction. You will need to hire a professional contractor, especially one who is experienced in roof deck construction.

Be careful not to get ahead of yourself. These are the five main factors in roof deck construction, design, and material.

  1. Double-check building codes and HOA restrictions

First, determine whether it is possible to build a roof deck. If you live in an area where homeowner association rules are required, make sure to check any local building laws. Local contractors can help you determine what regulations apply to rooftop decks in your area.

  1. Make sure you have enough space to work during construction

Roof deck construction typically requires more space than a ground-level deck. It is important to decide how crew members will access your roof. This could be via interior stairs or outside scaffolding. Some homes might require crane access to their rooftop deck. This means that the crane must be able to maneuver around trees, outbuildings, power lines, or any other obstructions.

  1. Plant trees around your deck, whether you are looking to replace or grow them.

When it comes to roof decks, trees can play a vital role in your landscaping. Trees can provide shade from the sun, and create a natural atmosphere on a rooftop deck. They also provide privacy from nearby neighbors. You may need to either cut down trees or plan to plant new trees depending on where the trees are located on your property.

You should strongly consider asking your contractor to include plant containers in your deck. If placed around your deck’s perimeter, container plants and shrubs will provide shade and privacy.

  1. Consider carefully the decking material you choose and make sure to verify the warranty for rooftop installations.

Roof decks require a different deck flooring choice than ground-level decks. Rooftop decks are more exposed to the elements than ground-level decks. Some decking materials are not suitable for rooftop installation. Make sure you do your research before choosing a deck.

With such direct sunlight exposure and restricted airflow, PVC, vinyl, and composite decking will all be susceptible to problems. They will also be extremely hot and uncomfortable for bare feet. The downsides of pressure-treated wood are that it can split and requires extensive upkeep. Hardwood decking is not an affordable option for homeowners looking for an eco-friendly alternative. Many of these options aren’t suitable for rooftop installation and may have performance issues that are not covered by the warranty. Modified wood is a superior choice for these types of projects.

  1. Connect your roof deck with an existing, ground-level deck

It’s worth considering connecting your existing ground-level deck to your roof deck. This is a great time to do it: when you build a rooftop deck. A staircase that leads outdoors from your deck to the roof makes entertaining guests much easier as they don’t have to use the stairs in your home.

Consider any additional construction you may need for your rooftop deck.

Although roof deck construction is more complicated than traditional decks, it is usually easier if you have a professional to help you and your roof is structurally sound. These five ideas are a great way to determine if a roof deck is possible and how to maximize your remodel.

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